Unlock your full potential and stand out as a parliamentary candidate with our comprehensive and bespoke courses.

Whether you’re preparing for selection to lock-in your party’s candidacy for a seat, seeking guidance post-selection to topple your opponent, seeking to enhance your digital and design strategies, or just keen to hone your political edge – we are here to equip you with the expertise and knowledge you need to succeed.

Our Training Programme

Pre-Selection Excellence

Securing a place on the ballot is the first crucial step towards your political journey.

Our pre-selection training equips you with the essential skills, inside knowledge, and strategies to impress party selectors and stand out among your competitors. From crafting persuasive speeches, written and unwritten rules, to effectively networking in the constituency.

Courses include:

  • Understanding the selection process
  • Selection campaign strategy workshop
  • Understanding the local party
  • Impressing the membership – networking for selection

Post-Selection Success

Now it’s time to build on your success and prepare for the campaign trail ahead.

Our post-selection courses are tailored to your specific needs, helping you refine your policy understanding, learn how to create important relationships within the constituency and develop effective campaign tactics to leave a lasting impression with your voters.

Courses include:

  • Pitfalls of social media
  • Messaging workshop – creating your narrative to the voters
  • The parliamentary handover – setting up your offices and getting to grips with casework
  • Making a splash in the first 100 days

Design and Digital Prowess

In today’s digital age, an effective online presence is vital for any political candidate.

Our design and digital training support will provide you with compelling visuals, eye-catching campaign materials, unique branding and approachable social media profiles to establish a professional digital footprint.

Courses and support offer includes:

  • Brand creation and style guide
  • Professional photography in the constituency
  • Announcement videography and editing
  • Website design and hosting

About Us

At JBP, we are a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to empowering aspiring parliamentary candidates like you.

With decades of experience in Westminster politics, public affairs, and communications, we understand the intricacies of the political landscape and what it takes to run a successful campaign.

Why choose JBP?


Our team consists of political experts, campaign strategists, communication gurus, and digital marketing specialists, ensuring you receive top-notch training from seasoned professionals.

Our team is made up of current and experienced parliamentary staffers, former Parliamentarians and party staff from across the political spectrum. JBP’s track record of supporting candidates from diverse backgrounds and parties is a testament to our commitment to fostering a thriving and inclusive democracy.

Tailored Approach

We understand that every candidate is unique, and every constituency is a battle in its own right.

Our courses are personalised to cater to your specific needs, strengths, and areas of improvement.

We will dive into the depths of the constituency profile and history to give you the best chance of success.

Proven Results

Our cross party team and alumni have a distinguished track record of winning elections, delivering for their communities, and leaving a lasting impact.

We extend an invitation for you to join the ranks of successful candidates and to embrace this opportunity to gain a unique political advantage.

Get ready to embark on an empowering journey with Prepare for Parliament.

Invest in your political future and take the first step towards becoming an exemplary parliamentary candidate,
and future Member of Parliament.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you secure your seat in Westminster.